Stanley Blog

  1. Southlake Orthopaedics Monument Sign & Paint job

    2022-06-06 18:14:00 UTC
    New Project for Southlake Orthopaedics in Hoover, Alabama. They wanted new monument signs and we also sold them on getting the whole building repainted by showing them digital mockups first of what it would look like. This project brought in $35, 000 to the company.

  2. HH Crop Branding Project

    2022-05-25 16:29:14 UTC
    H&H Crops teaches people how to grow their own fresh vegetable gardens at their homes. They needed help with building their brand identity from the ground up. After doing some research on their industry and target audience, I was able to create this logo and brand style guide.

  3. Hunter Rebrand Project

    2022-05-25 15:38:25 UTC
    Ray Hunter and Associates were in need of rebranding because they changed their company’s name. This logo design  incorporates the family name with air flowing through the typography to reflect their industry. The mockups were done to give them a visual for what the logo would look like in the…

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